Garmin G8 Approach Review

My Top Three Golf GPS Tips: Taking Your Game To New Levels!

Golf GPS electronics are revolutionizing the game: Follow these Three basic guidelines to dominate the course!

When you spend as much time teaching golf as I do one thing becomes clear, Distance measuring devices are for everybody. They’re an investment to be sure, but they are an investment into your golf game, and that is an investment in lower scores.

Mastering these devices is fairly easy as long as you stick to the basics and follow some general practices. Focus on these tips that I have come up with and you’ll see immediate results.

Aim center green1 – Aim for the Center of the Green

My best advice for golfers is to always play for the center of the green and that advice has served me well. With this strategy you can miss by 10 yards in any direction an still be in good shape on the green.

This strategy will improve your score because getting up and down for the high handicapper is one of their biggest challenge. Don’t use the front and back distances the GPS provides, instead use the center of the green yardage.

Golf Hazard2 – Golf Course Management

Most of today’s devices are pre-loaded with full graphical course maps of any course you will play on. This gives you an advantage over other golfers that may be going into that course blind.

Plan ahead by using the map to learn the hazards and trouble spots that could cause you problems. Remember knowledge is power.

With accurate distances to dog legs, lay ups and bunkers you will have a game plan in place before you start your round.

3 – Know Your Golf Club Distances

Today’s GPS units store how far you hit each club and then recommend clubs based on those records. Make sure you hit a minimum of 10 shots with each club  and store the yardage. This will provide you with a accurate average distance and is crucial to improve your golf game.

The video below is a must watch and will really zero you in with your distances.

You’ll likely need to find a park or open field to use for this as trying to determine exact yardage at a range by using the yardage markers is extremely difficult.

Many of my clients have no idea how far they hit each of their clubs. having this exact information at your fingertips is a main key in success on the golf course.

A Golf GPS Will Improve Your Golf Game Today By Giving You Exact Information!

I highly recommend the Garmin G8 Approach as my top choice for golfers of all levels.

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With it you have 50,000 pre loaded golf courses, free software upgrades for life, exact yardages, green view, a 15 hour battery life and So much more.

Best of all the Garmin G8 Approach is fast, accurate and affordable. If you want to see drastic improvements in your game this year, Don’t wait…